Installing the game

Where do I get a serial number to activate the game?

In case you want to play the game and don’t have a serial number, please contact us (Link to contact form) for further information about prices.

How do I install the game?

You should download and follow the step by step explanation of the installation manual for Windows (Download-Link) or for Mac (Download-Link).

When I start the game on macOS, it says that it is damaged and can’t be started, what do I do?

This problem occurs, because the game is not officially registered for the app store. If you follow the manual (Download-Link) for installing the game on Mac, it says how you can circumvent this problem.

Playing the game

I don’t know how to proceed, what do I have to do next?

The Task interface on the top left of your screen specifies what you have to do next. In case this information is not sufficient, you can click on the “TASKS” button on the top of your screen, which gives you all the information that is necessary to complete your tasks. If that doesn’t help, you can download the walkthrough for Moving Tomorrow – A Cultural Journey (Download-Link) or Moving Tomorrow – The Cultural Journey Continues (Download-Link), which tells you exactly what you have to do.

I have technical problems (e.g. the game crashed or the game is not loading properly), what do I do?

In case the game crashed or the screen is not loading properly, you have to restart the episode, as the progress is not saved automatically. If the same problem continues to exist, you can skip single episodes by clicking on “Skip” in the episodes’ overview screen.

Which resolution should I play the game with?

The game is optimized to run in full HD, which means that you have to play it with a resolution of 16:9 (e.g. 1920 x 1080), as other resolutions might cause you to experience some troubles with finding important hotspots that are cut off from the screen.

Do you want to play? Or do you have any other questions?

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