5 Tips for Building Strong Cross-Cultural Virtual Teams

Cross-cultural virtual teams are on the rise. With an ever increasing globalization and the advancement of digital connectivity, working in a multicultural, cross continental virtual team has become the new norm. However, not only is teamwork gradually going online, but the constituent members of teams are also becoming more culturally diverse. The current global crisis that has emerged due to […]

Marion Festing appointed as Country Co-Investigator for Germany

Professor Marion Festing is now Country Co-Investigator for Germany in the GLOBE Project We are delighted to announce that Professor Marion Festing, Academic Director of our Excellence Centre for Intercultural Management, has recently been appointed as Country Co-Investigator for Germany of the GLOBE Project. The GLOBE (Global Leadership & Organizational Behavior) Project, conceived in the 1990s, is dedicated to the […]

Serious game about intercultural management takes second place at the “Oscars of Education”

“Moving Tomorrow – A Cultural Journey” won the silver medal at the Reimagine Education Awards. The serious game “Moving Tomorrow – A Cultural Journey” had been shortlisted to compete in the Business Education category of the Reimagine Education Awards– the so-called “Oscars of Education” after being nominated for the prestigious German Video Games Award (Deutscher Computerspielepreis) and making it through to […]

New nomination for serious game

After having been nominated for the prestigious German Video Games Award (Deutscher Computerspielepreis) awarded by the German government, ESCP Europe’s serious game about intercultural management has made it through to the finals of the 2019 International Business Learning Games Competition. “Moving Tomorrow – A Cultural Journey” was developed by Marion Festing, Berlin campus Professor and Scientific Director of ESCP Europe’s […]

If you wish to reach the C-level fast: Go abroad, but choose the right approach

In a recent study, Professor Stefan Schmid and Dennis Wurster investigated whether international work experience accelerates the way to the management board of MNCs. A major finding is the following: If you wish to reach the management board quickly, having work experience aborad is beneficial. However, you should not stay abroad for too long – and you should not choose […]

The L’Oréal Professorship is exploring happiness at work

The ESCP Europe-L’Oréal Professorship in Creativity Marketing has launched a research project based on a large-scale, cross-cultural online survey of participants’ happiness at work by. Led by the Professorship’s co-director, ESCP Europe Professor Benjamin Voyer, and carried out with the help of ESCP Europe professors Charlotte Gaston Breton and Minas Kastanakis, as well as ESCP Europe post-doctoral student Jérémy E. […]

Strategy Meeting Renault Chair for Intercultural Management & Groupe Renault

The Renault Chair for Intercultural Management and representatives from Groupe Renault got together on January 26th to elaborate a common strategy and vision for the next years. Ideas for research projects have been discussed in addition to exchanging ideas about the development of a game-based learning format aiming to enhance intercultural competences. The Chair is very much looking forward to […]

Excellence Centre for Intercultural Management partners up with Groupe Renault

Groupe Renault and the ESCP Europe Business School announced the inauguration of a Chair for Intercultural Management. The new Renault Chair for Intercultural Management at ESCP Europe Business School aims to advance knowledge in managerial practices that afford full consideration for cultural diversities, and to offer the academic world a research corpus on multicultural organisation and management. We are looking […]

New publication shows relationship between international business education and career success

Prof. Dr. Marion Festing and a team of five researchers were able to demonstrate that an international business education encompassing lengthy stays in different countries has a positive effect on subjective career success. The study participants with higher levels of international exposure were more likely to feel that they have made good progress towards meeting their goals for income and […]

Introducing the first completely online ESCP Europe Executive Master

With digitalisation being one of the core trends that is already changing education and access to knowledge substantially, we are pleased to introduce our new completely online Executive Master in International Business. The programme covers a variety of topics such as finance, human resource management or executive skills aiming to equip the participants with cross-functional knowledge and managerial skills quintessential […]

ESCP Europe’s Berlin campus rector talks about culture and digitalisation

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kaplan is the new rector of ESCP Europe’s campus in Berlin. In his introductory video, he emphasized how digitalization and globalization is going to affect the economy but also university education. One of the core pillars of the Berlin campus over the next few years will be the digital transformation and the training of intercultural competences. The […]

MOOC on Intercultural Management is online

We are excited to announce that our MOOC on Intercultural Management is finally online. Get to know from our professors about the role that culture plays in day to day business operations such as teamwork, leadership, negotiations or marketing and learn how to apply these insights by our industry experts. And the best of all is that you don’t even […]

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